How do I start working out consistently? Five steps for staying motivated after the thrill goes away.

Working out regularly is essential if you want to become the best version of yourself. But don't leave that to luck. You need a strategy to maintain your motivation when the excitement tapers off. 

Going On Your First Backpacking Trip? Here Are 5 Essential Tips.

Backpacking is an adventure that appeals to everyone. It lets you explore the wilderness on your own, teaches you self-sufficiency, and connects you with nature in a unique way. It's a different experience than driving to your campsite with all your stuff. Backpacking in the wilderness and backcountry will call out to the primal side of your psyche that is often told to be quiet in this modern-day society. 

Top 5 Essential Supplements For Active Men Over 40.

Men over 40 need to take special care of their bodies, from maintaining a healthy diet to diligently following an exercise program. As we age, our body changes in many ways, whether we like it or not. Our metabolism slows down. We lose muscle mass and the risk of developing chronic diseases increases.

To Shed the Dad Bod, You Must Abandon Your TRAINING ROUTINE and Replace It With a TRAINING STRATEGY.

In the beginning, you had a training routine. Your friend, someone at the gym, or an article you read in one of the magazines said to you, “This is what I do,” and you figured that you would give it a try. Nowadays, you might go on Youtube and follow a routine that a 27-year-old promises “will get YOU shredded bro.” But you’re not 27 anymore. As a dad, you have responsibilities. You have children. People rely on you. You have to train smarter.