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Who are we?

We are just a bunch of regular dads in our 40’s. We originally had compuserve and aol addresses when the internet came out, we remember buying cheeseburgers from Mcdonald’s when they were only 49 cents, and the thing we had to worry most about our music back then was the CD skipping.

Sure, we’re not young anymore but we also know we’re not old . . . even though our kids think we’re old and we have nagging knee pains. We’re still trying to improve our fitness, our finances, and most importantly, we’re trying to enjoy life even if our kids are giving us gray hairs!

The Review Dads provide unique, unbiased, and thoughtful content, tips, and product reviews for dads and dads at heart so that they can improve their lives, relationships, and health, from intermittent fasting and household gadgets to parenting and relationship advice. Our content is specifically designed for professional dads and dads at heart over 40.

Our expertise comes from first-hand experience, both the successes and failures, the wins and the losses, as dads. We are lawyers, accountants, business owners, and in the service industry.

We really appreciate you stopping by and we hope you enjoy our content. If you do, please share!

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